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Store and Motel for sale in Minnesota


This forty-one unit motel was built in 1991 and opened in January of 1992.

The present ownership purchased the property on April 15, 1998 and thereafter attached to the motel a convenience store and gas station.

Total Motel Revenue= $236,253
C-Store Gross Sales = $2,390,844
Total Gross Sales= $2,627,097 (Motel & C-Store)

View of motel and store from across the street

This two-story motel has a 24-hour front desk that operates from the Convenience Store.

The Convenience store clerk can rent rooms thereby saving payroll expenses. This is a tremendous savings in labor costs and management oversight.

Aerial view of Minnesota Motel and Store

Minnesotta Motel Building

There are billboards at Highway entrances.

The local Casino provides free shuttle service for motel patrons.

View of store front

There is ample car parking with additional 1.66 acres truck parking lot. There is more room to build on land.

Back view of Minnesota Motel

The convenience store, which is open 24 hours a day like the motel, was built in the summer of 1999 and opened September 1, 1999.

Motel front

Minnesota Motel Registration Desk


Minnesota Motel Guest Room

The motel and convenience store have had a history of steady business and a good customer base. There is a commercial building on the property that is leased out (roundly $900 dollars per month rental income) and provides additional revenue for the motel/ convenience store owner.

The commercial building is 88 feet X 133 feet that was constructed in 1988. There are sliding doors in both ends with loading facilities on east end. The building has electricity. The entire complex is well lighted with exterior lighting.

View of store interior

Asking Price for the whole package is Only $1,250,000

View of store eating area

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